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"Even if the music industry simply gave away all their music people would complain that they don't have the bandwidth to download all the stuff - the problem would merely shift from availability to distribution."
- Dan Farmer, Entrepreneur and Author


A worldwide leader in networking known for transforming how people connect, communicate, and collaborate wanted to ensure their market innovation was being leveraged by its partners. Aligned to the company’s mission, this networking giant developed an innovative partner program – a business led initiative that employed automation and practice building (marketing, sales, learning and development, etc.) for partners, helping them drive business outcomes – aka close deals quickly and efficiently. The goal was to ensure the partners had a clear understanding of how to optimize their business practice, use big data, and close deals with this new automated platform. Just providing partners a tool wasn’t enough. Partners needed access, training, and a clear understanding of how this could transform their business. That’s where Future State stepped in…


The Future State team developed the strategy and stakeholder engagement process to drive this initiative within the partner community. A successful launch doesn’t ensure sustainability. The strategy we designed incorporated goals and objectives from all organizations impacted by the implementation of this program: Services, Partner Organization, Learning and Development. We wanted to deliver a plan that addressed business priorities for a full year. Fast forward, we are creating a process for ongoing engagement with critical stakeholders, an organizational assessment, and strategic planning for FY16 and beyond as well as facilitating meetings to align the strategy behind vision.


  • Vision and strategy articulation
  • Increasing business capabilities
  • Ensuring successful program execution
  • Mapping orientation services impacts on company partners
  • Strategic guidance and program organization for key business capabilities in early pilot