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"The key to making acquisitions is being ready because you really never know when the right big one is going to come along."
- James McNerney, Business Executive


When two drug development companies on opposite ends of the world merged, leadership had to make critical business decisions – quickly. One of the initial decisions was around technology integration. They had over 20 business systems that needed to “talk” to each other. The long-term goal was to address the growing drug development pipeline with process optimization, improved data flow, and technical tools while ensuring business continuity. Implementation and integration of this magnitude performed incorrectly could have a significant impact on morale and productivity. This enterprise knew they needed experts in Change Management and Communications to ensure an almost seamless impact to their business.


This is where Future State excels. Working closely with cross-functional leadership, we designed and implemented a sophisticated change management plan across key segments of the company to ensure business continuity. This plan consisted of change management, communications, stakeholder engagement, and sponsorship activities for 20+ systems impacting 80,000+ stakeholders managed in the company.

What makes us different? Future State can build plans, execute seamlessly – and, what no one else does better, make sure the people are engaged and taken care of throughout a change.

The people impacted by these changes were prepared and business continuity was maintained…successfully. This effort laid the foundation for adoption of new systems and new ways of working: understanding end-to-end business processes associated with clinical study management, supporting mindset and behavior shifts for organization-wide data flow and management, and developing an innovation program, innovation workshops on clinical trials, and launched programs. Taking innovation and integration to the next level, we also delivered web-based dashboards with information and KPIs needed by leaders to support better decision-making and portfolio management.


  • Maintained business continuity throughout the integration of 20+ systems in less than a year, with users feeling prepared and ready for change
  • Reached consensus on clinical study management process and mapped it
  • Created fundamental shift in how an organization manages data flow
  • Set the foundation for innovation programs connected to business needs
  • Developed dashboards that dramatically improved visibility to key data for senior leadership to make critical portfolio decisions