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"There is a difference between what technology enables and what historical business practices enable. "
- Bill Gates, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Enterprise Cloud and Virtualization Company expect their sales teams to be enabled to sell end-to-end solutions…easily.  The company made the strategic decision to move to a centralized model for their sales enablement support. What this meant was six teams becoming one. Six leaders now expected to act as one team. Six enablement ideologies becoming one sales strategy.

Sales had quite a few demands and expectations of this enablement team. At the end of the day, the goal was to transform sales and meet a goal of $10B by 2018.

Future State Approach

Future State began this journey with a critical sales kickoff event. This was instrumental in learning what the sales teams needed, wanted and what was “the culture” we needed to follow.  This event addressed the initial needs of sales by providing them e-learning content and a sales platform that supported them during customer calls.  Future State was instrumental in creating awareness of the changes to this virtual platform by analyzing their stakeholders and creating a plan to communicate the new ways of working – supporting the enablement team in communicating and implementing their new platform and new sales tools (such as briefcases).

Next we led their Executive Team offsite. We established an agreed upon vision, mission and goals which were imperative to this organization’s journey.   The final step in our engagement was a three-day intensive bootcamp with the broader organization with pressure testing sessions, facilitated team meetings, and the creation of 90-day plans for each team. The most amazing part of this partnership was the openness of this leadership team.

It was a new way of working, thinking and partnering with each other.  We can honestly say we helped get them from silos to collaboration. This team can now focus on driving to the next level of sales enablement…together.


  • Improved adoption of sales learning material and collateral – easy to find, the right information available via an on-demand virtual platform (briefcase) that contains comprehensive (end-to-end solutions (pricing, selling points, etc.) along with other new features (social platform, community, badges/leaderboard)
  • Increased sales knowledge to support selling “solutions” to clients
  • Increased sales revenue and customer satisfaction
  • 75% of the participants believe this training improved their ability to sell