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"In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running, if you stand still, they will swallow you."
- Victor Kiam, Entrepreneur and TV spokesman


In the highly competitive, innovative energy bar and food market, a medium sized, industry leading company recognizes the need to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and efficiency to maintain and grow its market share. Internal challenges emerged with their rapid early success (lovingly referred to by Future State as ‘growth chaos’) such as, prioritization challenges, long-term strategic planning, reactive versus proactive, many ways of doing work, decision making difficulties, etc. Additionally, their best and brightest employees were over capacity delivering across communication and functional silos (hero fatigue). These are the woes of being awesome.

Future State Approach

This is a current project where Future State’s work is already being recognized. Our focus is working from the inside out. To begin with, we are building streamlined, efficient, end-to-end processes with a focus on front-end innovation, product lifecycle and annual planning. Together, we are building the right infrastructure, tools and templates to support and scale with the company’s growth. In addition to infrastructure, we are coaching and training the executive team and employees in how to run a cross-functional, innovative and streamlined organization. The effort includes measuring success short and long-term and anticipating impact enterprise-wide to ensure successful outcomes, including impacts on culture, human resources and information systems investments. Big picture, big data, big results.


  • Aligned and mobilized leadership to a shared vision of the future and the path to get there
  • Implemented a cross-functional strategic planning process with clear timeline, decision makers, communication plan and outcomes
  • Assembled and mobilized a cross-functional team to design a breakthrough product lifecycle process with a focus on the innovation pipeline
  • Driving dynamic change while protecting culture and values-driven business model