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"Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created."
- Bill Gates, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


So what’s our secret? No ego. Just common sense and smart people. We leave our credentials on the walls and show up with our sleeves rolled up. Frameworks, certifications, accreditation? Yes we have those, too. At the end of the day, it’s not that hard. The magic is knitting it together.

  1. Insight: Don’t pretend we know it all.
  2. Design: Share what we discovered.
  3. Implement: Decide what we will do together.
  4. Improve it: Do it.



Sometimes you need a person, sometimes you need at team. We provide consulting and staffing solutions in a variety of areas.

We offer end-to-end operational transformation solutions that help people and organizations effectively meet business goals.

Vision + Strategy

Our strategies leverage best practices and innovation to achieve optimal ROI-based outcomes. We facilitate and lead teams through workshops to define their roadmap to success.

  • Vision, Mission, Values Mapping
  • Strategic Workshop Design + Delivery
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Benchmarking + Analysis
  • Strategic Roadmaps

RESULTS > Leadership aligned to vision, strategy, metrics and roadmap to deliver expected results

Communications + Creative

Effective internal communication is critical to employee engagement and adoption. Our award- winning communications teams are experts at connecting people to the information they need, gaining alignment and driving results.

  • Communications Strategy + Plans
  • Communications Centers of Excellence + Competencies
  • Graphic Recording + Maps
  • Branding, Identity + Graphic Design
  • Communications Content, Collateral + Templates
  • Video, Presentations + Interactive

RESULTS > Key ideas to mobilize workforce visualized + expressed for target stakeholders

Change Management

Our change management teams bring a structured approach to helping individuals and teams through the change curve successfully. With the ultimate goal of full adoption, we focus on existing business processes, people and business readiness, and minimizing complexity.

  • Stakeholder Analysis + Engagement
  • Process, Innovation or Technology Adoption
  • Strategic Behavior Shifts
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Change Leadership
  • Change Networks

RESULTS > New process, tool, innovation or system adopted with risks + expectations managed

UX + Technology

Technology is a factor in all of our projects, whether we are improving the user experience, creating new tools or supporting clients through new technology implementations.

  • User Experience + Usability Research
  • Information Architecture + Wireframes
  • User Interface Design
  • Intranet Design + Development
  • Portal + Dashboard Development
  • Web + Mobile Applications

RESULTS > User experiences a delightful interface that helps people get their job done easily

Learning + Development

Recognized as industry leaders, our training experts are committed to the development of people. We have executed hundreds of engaging blended learning solutions that incorporate Instructor-led courses, on-site job training and eLearning

  • Learning Strategy + Plans
  • eLearning, Social Learning + Learning 3.0
  • Blended Learning
  • Competency Modeling
  • Curriculum + Courses + Training Delivery
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

RESULTS > People prepared with the knowledge + ability to create business ROI

Insight + Innovation

With our insights work, we start with user, audience and stakeholder needs to build an empathetic understanding of concerns and obstacles. We then research trends and immerse in organizational culture to develop insights and foresights to guide a foundation for innovation. We provide a variety of innovation support services, including design thinking and user insights workshops, developing user insights through ethnography and cultural immersion, prototyping and ideation workshops, and supporting innovation programs to setup, align, manage or optimize innovation teams to achieve their wildest (and possible) dreams.

  • User Needs + Problem Statements
  • Trends, Analysis, Insight + Foresight
  • Design Thinking Ideation Workshops
  • Innovation Program + Leadership
  • Operational Alignment to Innovation

RESULTS > Individual and organizational capacity increased to operationalize novel ideas and solutions

Process Excellence

New systems and strategies provide opportunities to maximize work performance. Our teams help define structured sets of activities designed to produce specific outputs.

  • Process Workshops + Documentation
  • Business Process Analysis + Design
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Maturity Assessment
  • SOP Documentation
  • Lean + Six Sigma

RESULTS > Targeted, clear, effective and efficient business processes with visible ownership

Organizational Effectiveness

Human resources evolved from benefits management and employee relations to stewardship of culture and employee engagement. We are now thought leaders, enabling organizations to make this transition successfully. We take a holistic approach mapped from strategy, aligned with culture and connected directly to individual and group contributions.

  • Onboarding + Talent Management
  • Leadership Development + Coaching
  • Workforce + Succession Planning
  • Rewards + Recognition
  • Organizational Structure + Culture Mapping
  • Performance + Feedback Systems

RESULTS > Aligned and inspired leadership and top talent retained and engaged with optimized operations